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Home > Why We Require a Confirmed Address When Payment is Received Via PayPal...

Why We Require a Confirmed Address When Payment is Received Via PayPal...

As stated in our terms of sale in all of our auction listings, we cannot accept payment via PayPal from addresses that are NOT confirmed. This page is to try to explain why many sellers, including our company, will not accept PayPal payments from buyers with unconfirmed addresses, or from overseas buyers. Please, please, please, do not be offended. Below we will try to explain why this practice is becoming more prevalent.

You certainly wouldn't want someone to use your credit card number and have the item shipped to them instead, a confirmed shipping address simply assures us that we are shipping the item purchased to the the actual person that is paying for it, not a third party.

However, we do offer alternate ways to pay, if you don't have a confirmed address, and don't wish to get one, with PayPal. Click here for more info.

Why do some US sellers only ship to Confirmed US addresses?

This is a very frequently asked question. If you are a non-US buyer please be sure to read the bottom of this page also. I will quote the reason from the Paypal user agreement (Paypal Seller Protection Plan; Section 3), then we will explain…

Confirmed Addresses. PayPal prompts buyers to provide sellers with a Confirmed Address when making a purchase. A Confirmed Address is either an address at which a User receives his or her credit card statements, and is checked by PayPal with the User's credit card issuer, or an address which PayPal has confirmed through an Alternate Address Confirmation process, which includes the verification of other official documents. Confirmed Addresses must be in the name of the account holder, and thus Gift Addresses in someone else's name can never be confirmed. Shipping to a Confirmed Address minimizes the risk of being paid by a fraudulent buyer. If a buyer does not provide a Confirmed Address, the seller must either refuse the payment and ask that the buyer provide a Confirmed Address, or accept the reversal risk in shipping the item outside of this Seller Protection Policy. Tools for Premier and Business Accounts to automatically refuse to accept payments where the buyer chooses not to share his Confirmed Address can be found on the "Preferences" page of the "Profile" subtab of the "My Account" tab.

The sentences in red are the key. The bottom line is, if Paypal confirms the address, Paypal accepts the risk, otherwise the seller accepts the risk that they may be shipping an item to an unauthorized third party and may receive a chargeback if the third party was not authorized to use they PayPal account or credit card for payment. Unfortunately there are quite a few individuals that are taking advantage of "loopholes" in the PayPal payment system and sellers just don't want to accept the risk. Paypal or the buyer's credit card company will give the sellers' money back to these buyers, even if the seller can prove the item was received. The seller has no control over this, and potentially they could be out the money and the product.

The whole thing really makes sense if you think about it. Why should Paypal or the seller accept the risk of an uncontestable chargeback if the buyer does not want to provide simple proof of where they live? I know that sounds kind of cold, but please don't take it as insult. It's just the nature of the beast, so to speak. The internet sales world is a faceless world which is very easily exploited. Sellers are just trying to be safe, which in the long run will help everyone.

Alternate Address Confirmation

Most people do not realize that you do not need a credit card to get a confirmed address. It is certainly easier that way but not necessary.  It takes a few days. You fax them some documents, maybe a phone bill or a utility bill in your name, then they mail a secret code to the address on the bill. When you supply them with the code, Paypal will confirm your address. Click here for more information. You will probably have to sign in first.

Verified versus Confirmed Address

These are not the same thing.

CONFIRMED ADDRESS means that Paypal has confirmed that you live where you say you live. This is one of the single most important things in preventing fraud.

VERIFIED means that a bank account has been attached to your Paypal account.

International Shipments and Confirmed Addresses

A lot of International buyers think that because they have a Confirmed Address in their country that US sellers can ship to them without risk. This is not true.

One of these conditions MUST apply for the seller to be protected under the Seller Protection Policy.
1. The seller is a U.S. or Canadian seller shipping to a U.S. buyer; or
2. The seller is a U.K. seller shipping to a U.S. or U.K. buyer.

This means that no shipment outside of the US from a US seller is covered under Paypal's Seller Protection Policy. Therefore we can only ship to U.S. buyers.

So please do not be offended if a seller refunds your payment because of an unconfirmed address or because you are an International buyer. It is not personal. They are merely protecting themselves. It is very simple to confirm your address and it will make your buying experiences online much more pleasant.

What a Pain in the @$$!

We know it's a pain not to be able to ship to an alternate address, but please understand that as a seller we are taking a risk in doing this. More and more online retailers are disallowing shipping to addresses that don't match the credit card billing address, due to high rates of fraud. While, obviously, the majority of online customers are perfectly honest people, it's the one bad apple that ruins it for everyone.

When a retailer ships to an alternate address, they are taking the chance that they are dealing with a stolen or unauthorized use of a credit card. For example, what if someone got a hold of your credit card number and used it to purchase items online, then have them shipped to their address (which would of course be different than your billing address)? You can always do a chargeback on the product amount with your credit card company, once you discover someone else has used it to purchase items, but we, as the seller, are then liable for returning the money back to your card, we are out the product (since the "fraudster" now has it), AND we are liable for chargeback fees. We really got the short end of the stick here, huh? Online fraud costs retailers billions of dollars every year.

Online sales are much riskier than standard store sales, since with a store sale the card is "present" and it can be reviewed and the signature can be verified by a cashier. We don't physically get to see the credit card being used, to make sure it is possession of the person using it, that the signatures match, etc. But, because we realize that some customers do need to have items shipped to alternate addresses, whether it be a work address or for a gift for someone else, we offer several other ways you can pay.

So, how do I pay then?

Because we realize that many buyers may have reasons for not having a confirmed address (perhaps they want the item shipped to their work address, rather than their home address, they have recently moved, or their billing address is a PO Box and the item must ship to a physical address), we do offer alternate ways to pay for your auction items.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

We will accept payments using any of the four major credit cards via our Credit Card Authorization Form. This form allows us to have your signature on file and verify that you are indeed the holder of the card being used, and gives us permission to ship to an alternate address per your request. By completing and faxing the form back to us, along with a legible copy of the credit card being used (both front and back), you are giving us permission in writing to bill your card and ship to your address of choice.

We MUST have a copy of the card (1) to verify that it is in your name and in your possession; and (2) to verify the signature on the back of the card matches the signature on the Credit Card Authorization Form (we must be able to clearly read the signature on the card, so feel free to blow the card up on a copy machine before faxing).

> Download Credit Card Authorization Form

This payment method is only available for US credit cards. Our merchant processor does not allow us to accept international cards.

US Money Orders

We will also accept US money orders made payment to "Manage My Printing" and sent to the following address:

Manage My Printing
1626 Toledo Avenue
Deltona, FL 32725

All auction wins must be paid for within 7 days of close of auction. If you are sending a money order simply drop us an email and let us know and we will mark your account that it is on the way. We realize it may take a bit longer than 7 days to arrive.

If you are bidder from another country, we are actually surprised you were able to bid at all, as our eBay settings are set to accept US payments only, so a US Postal Money Order (in US funds) is your only payment option (unless you want to send US cash, at your own risk). Keep in mind all shipping shown in our ads is for US addresses only, so your item must either ship to a US address, or you must obtain a custom shipping quote from us, prior to sending us your money order, so that the payment is for the correct amount. We actually encourage out of US buyers to obtain that shipping quote BEFORE they bid or win an item, so they know what the pricing is going to be ahead of time.

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