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Home > Calculators  > Calculator Paper & Ribbons > E201 Universal Adding Machine Calculator Ribbon (Black/Red) 6 Pack

E201 Universal Adding Machine Calculator Ribbon (Black/Red) 6 Pack
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Item # GENE201-3
Sale Price$18.99 (You Save 24%)

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E201 Universal Adding Machine Calculator Ribbon (Black/Red) 6 Pack

Sold in packs of six (6) ribbons. The E201 Universal Adding Machine Calculator Ribbon is a replacement ribbon for various adding machine models. Black/red nylon ribbon. "C" wind design. Each ribbon measures 1/2" by 6 yards.

It is a compatible equivalent to the Sharp S800BRC, Victor 7010, Olympia 70990, Nukote BR80C, Casio RD-02 / GB-02, Porelon 80BRC, and Monroe P65.

Please note, if this is the ONLY item you are ordering, your best shipping rate will be generated by choosing "Standard Shipping" on checkout, instead of UPS.

Compatible with the following models, among others:

121PD*, 122PD, 1400 SERIES, 2020PLBII, 2020PLII, 5130*, 5140*, 5150*, 6120, 7130*, 7130B*, 7140*, 7150*, 8125, CLASSIC*, CLASSICB*, PRO*, PROB*, SB2012
*For the easy change cartridge type ribbon on some of the above models, please click here

1235, 1410, 120P, 120PD, 121PD, 1128PD, 1228PD, 1235PD, 1248PD, 1428PD, 1448PD

AT-P3000, AT-P4000, AT-P6000

10, 10ER, 15ER, 30, 30ER, 40, 45, 45ER, 45ERS, 50, 50ER, 63ER, 104ER, 210ER, 230ER, 1202, 1204, 2101ER, 2102ER, 2112ER, 2114, 2212ER, 6210P, DL200L, DL210, DL220, DL220A, DL220L, DL220LA, DL250, DL250A, DL250L, DL250LA, DL270A, DL270B, DL280Z, DL290, DL300, DL310, DL320, DL325, DP501, DR100, DR110, DR110S, DR120, DR120S, DR125, DR140, DR210, DR210HD, DR220, DR220HD, DR250, DR270, DR320A, DR320B, DR420, DR1000, DR1011, DR1210, DR1211, DR1212, DR1220, DR1410, DR1411, DR1520, DR1520S, DR1695, DR2212, DR2280, DR3220, DR4000, DR6220, DR6220P, DR6220R, DR7210, DR7220, DR7250, DR-250HD, DR-270HD, GB02, HB01, KR4000, PCR204, PCR208, PCR210, PCR330, PCR355, PCR360, PCR365, PCR450, PCR460, PR101, PR121, PR121C, PR420, R1-12, R100, R110, R120, R200, R210, R300, R320, R1000, R1001, R1201, R1202, R1205, TK 500

CP120-D, CP1000, CP1003-D, CP1008, CP1008-D, CP1010, CP1013-D, CP1018-D, CP1025-D, CP1200, CP1201-D, CP1202, CP1203-D, CP1204-D, CP1208, CP1210, CP1212, CP1213-D, CP1214, CP1216-D, CP1218-D, CP1220-D, CP1223-D, CP1230, CP1231, CP1233-D, CP1240, CP1250-D, CP2000, CP2010, CP2030, DP1211-D, EP102, MP11DX, MP-18D, MP-21D, MP-21DII, MP-22D, MP-23D, MP-24D, MP-25D, MP-25II, MP-25III, MP-27D, MP-31D, MP-31DH, MP-31DII, MP-142R, MP-1210D, MP-1211D, MP-1211DE, MP-1211DL, MP-1216, MP-1217, MP-1218, MP-1411D, MP-1411DL, MP-1420, P104-D, P105-D, P106-D, P123-D, P124-D, P125-D, P126-D, P1010-D, P1011-D, P1015-D, P1205-D, P1210-D, P1211-D, P1213-D, P1215-D, P1218, P1251, P1410-D, P1411-D, P1420-D, P1421-D, P1440-D, P1441-D, P3010-D, P3210-D, P3211-D, P3420-DL, P4420-D, PR121, SP1260-P, TX50 II

7512, 8000, 8512, EC3000, 4000, 4512, 6000, 7000, ORBIT CM 10, ORBIT CM 12, 1688, CPD5612, CPD5712, 5514, 5512, 6201, 6210, 7220, EC4512, EC8512, EC7020, EC7030, EC7050

CS521, CS523, CS541, CS552, CS616, CS621, CS622A, CS626, CS628, CS641, CS642, CS742R, CS743R, CS762R, CS1055, CS1064, CS1152D, CS1152H, CS1155, CS1164A, CS1164B, CS1181, CS1191, CS1194, CS1606, CS1608, CS1612, CS1635A, CS1680, CS1780, CS1800, CS2052, CS2054, CS2062, CS2063, CS2137, CS2152S, CS2154, CS2155, CS2156, CS2157, CS2164, CS2164A, CS2164H, CS2165, CS2165A, CS2166A, CS2181, CS2182, CS2184S, CS2186, CS2187, CS2194, CS2406, CS2602, CS2606, CS2608, CS2610, CS2612, CS2615, CS2630D, CS2635, CS2635A, CS2680, CS2690, CS2770A, CS2780, CS2790, CS2800, CS2850, CS2870, CS4000, CS4151, CS4152, CS4163, CS4166, CS4251, CS4263, CS4266, CS4287, CS4500, CS4501, CS4608, CS4610, CS4632, CS4680, CS4690, CS4780, CS4800, CS6302A, EA-710R, EL-1052, EL-1055, EL-1056, EL-1058, EL-1095, EL-1151, EL-1152, EL-1153, EL-1154, EL-1197P, EL-1630, EL-1630A, EL-1630G, EL-2615, EL-2615G, EL-2630, EL-2630A, EL-2630G, EL-2630GII, EL-2630L, EL-2630P, EL-2656G, EL-6300, EL- 1057, ER-01RP, ER-02RP, ER-20RP, ER-1000 Series, ER-1070, ER-1072, ER-1077, ER-1500, ER-1550, ER-1560, ER-1564, ER-1565S, ER-1871, ER-2350, ER-2351, ER-2360, ER-2363, ER-2500, ER-2510, ER-2630, ER-3575, ER-5700, ER-A150, ER-A170, H-1650, H-1750, QS-1072, QS-1073, QS-1074, QS-1154, QS-1155, QS-1156, QS-1157, QS-1183, QS-1402, QS-1404, QS-1410, QS-1460, QS-1602, QS-1604, QS-1660, QS-1710, QS-1760, QS-1760A, QS-2156, QS-2157, QS-2166, QS-2181, QS-2184, QS-2186, QS-2660, QS-2670, QS-2710, QS-2760, QS-2760A, QS-2770, QS-2770A, QS-4154, QS-4164, VX-1174, VX-1184, VX-1612, VX-1650, VX-1652, VX-1652A, VX-1652B, VX-2126A, VX-2612, VX-2652, VX-2652A, VX-2652B, XE-1050, XE-1050L, XE-1051, XE-1054, XE-1055, XE-2050, XE-A150, XE-A152, ZL-5200, ZL-5300, ZL-5400, ZL-6000, ZL-6100, ZL-6500

1240, 1260, 1280, 1430, 1460, 1520, 1530, 1550, 1560, 1570

Or use with any machine the uses the following ribbons:
- Sharp S800BRC
- Victor 7010
- Olympia 70990
- Nu-kote BR80C
- Casio RD-02 / GB-02
- Monroe P65
- Porelon 80BRC

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